Our Environmental Commitment

Everyone associated with the Santa Cruz Organic brand – from upper management to growers in the field – is dedicated to making environmentally sound choices.

The first step in a sustainable product life cycle involves utilizing sustainable inputs. All Santa Cruz Organic brand products are certified USDA Organic. Our commitment to organic ingredients supports a method of agriculture that works in harmony with nature.

Our process for converting organic ingredients to the juices and food products our consumers have come to love embraces our commitment to sustainability. Our on-site solar energy generation, in conjunction with our Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) offsets 100% of the energy used to produce Santa Cruz Organic brand products.

Closing the loop of our sustainable product life-cycle, we take lengthy measures to minimize waste associated with making our products. In 2011 our Chico, California, facility achieved a remarkable 99.5% recycling rate. This achievement resulted in our 12th consecutive WRAP (Waste Reductions Award Program) Award. This award, from the California Integrated Waste Management Board, underscores our sustainability efforts through every step of the production process.