Waste Reduction

Waste Reduction

We are committed to being sustainable, responsible and keeping our planet remarkable. We go to great lengths to minimize waste associated with making our products and are a Green-e® certified company recycling more than 95% of our waste and buying enough renewable energy each year to cover our production needs. In 2011 our Chico, California, facility achieved a remarkable 99.5% recycling rate and, to us, that’s a beautiful thing.

We continuously achieve a remarkable 99.5% recycling rate for production, meaning only 0.5% of what comes into our production facility is disposed via landfill. Our recycling program has diverted over 47,000 tons of trash away from local area landfills, helping us toward our waste reuse goal of 95%. The refuse we've recycled would have been enough trash to fill up 3,200 train cars. Looked at another way, we have diverted enough 30-foot long, by 10-foot wide, by 6-foot high waste containers from landfill to stack to the top of the Empire State Building more than 42 times.

Live Organic. Live Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz Organic and the EPA Green Power Partnership

The Santa Cruz Organic brand is a participant in the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Partnership. This voluntary program aims to stimulate businesses and other organizations to support new, clean renewable energy technologies that will reduce the environmental impact of electricity generation. For additional information on the EPA's Green Power Partnership program, please visit www.epa.gov.

Our Partner, 3Degrees®

3Degrees'® mission is to mitigate the effect of climate change by accelerating the development of the low-carbon renewable energy economy. The organization delivers customized, global climate change solutions to U.S. businesses, utilities and institutions. The company engages customers to develop, execute, and communicate sustainability strategies that add value to their brands. Its expertise in sourcing verified carbon offsets and certified renewable energy certificates enables customers to reduce their carbon footprint. Information on 3Degrees® may be found at: www.3degreesinc.com.

For more detailed information about renewable energy, and our commitment, please see our Renewable Energy FAQ.