Refresh Summer


Soak up the sunshine & sip something sensational!  Try one of our delicious summer beverages from lightly sweetened Agua Frescas to carbonated tea lemonades.


Jack's Stands & Marketplaces



Jack’s Stands & Marketplaces is looking to put a twist on a favorite summer past-time: lemonade stands.

Jack started out by selling organic lemonade at local farmers markets. As his idea grew, he wanted to give back by helping other kids learn how to start a business and operate their own lemonade stand.

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Jack's Tips to Run a Successful Lemonade Stand with your Kids this Summer:

1.  Quality Products:  Serve products with only the highest quality ingredients to keep customers coming back for more. This summer Jack will serve a variety of Santa Cruz Organic lemonades and fruit juices, including:

  • Organic Lemonades available in refreshing flavors like Strawberry, Mango, Peach, Raspberry, Cherry, and Original. 
  • Carbonated Beverages available in Mint Infused Green Tea, Rose Hip Infused Earl Grey Tea flavors and Carbonated Lemonade Beverage
  • Agua Frescas, made with organic fruit juice, a bit of lemon juice and lightly sweetened and available in Pomegranate, Grapefruit and Mango Passionfruit; these beverages are prevalent throughout Central America and the Caribbean and known for their refreshing taste.

2.  Customer Service: Be friendly and talk with everyone who walks by. It’s common to get a lot of "no thank you's", but you'll see an increase in sales versus saying nothing, plus it helps your kids get experience and build confidence!

3.  Operations: Keep track of all your expenses like lemonade, cups, straws, etc., and at the end of each day add up the sales and subtract your expenses. Lastly, add in any tips, and this amount is your profit. Encourage your kids to do the math themselves, it'll help them in school and to understand some business basics to start a business and operate their own lemonade stand. 

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